i'm matteo loglio, an interaction designer based in london. i design playful products and experiences, experimental interfaces and award-winning toys.
currently partner at @oio.
previously at @google creative lab, lecturer @centralsaintmartins, creator of #cubetto, poster @opus, founder @primotoys, hardcore prototyper and occasional speaker. previously @primotoys@arduino
and @fablabtorino.
some of the products i designed received a few awards, including interaction design award, red dot design award and cannes lion.
i'm always looking for new exciting projects. interested?
Voop is a music app designed to compose music and create patterns using voice-loops (voops!).
After capturing samples from the microphone, they are visualised with coloured dots and arranged on a canvas, where they can be moved and edited.
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it works only on Chrome for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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old but more stable