Aram gallery

Unread Messages is a research and design project exploring how technology is affecting the way we think, act and behave.


Together with other artists and designers we created a series of experimental objects, to explore new behaviors caused by the increasing presence of technology in our lives.


My work started from the idea of "slow interactions", as opposed to the fast-paced uncontrollable behaviours triggered by addictive technologies.


These insights were later synthesized in Nomu: a tangible interface designed to filter and manage internet browsing.


Nomu is composed of a board and some coloured blocks, each one representing a time unit of thirty minutes. Different rules can be assigned to each block so that users could schedule up to two hours of internet activity without being distracted by undesired interactions.

The project was curated by creative agency Six:Thirty and finally exhibited at the Aram Gallery in London, with pieces by Dean Brown, Gaston Lisak, Takram London, Paul Macgregor, Matteo Loglio, Matan Stauber, Zanellato/Bortotto, Daniel Armengol Altayó.