i'm matteo loglio, an interaction designer based in london. i design playful products and experiences, experimental interfaces and award-winning toys.
currently partner at @oio.
previously at @google creative lab, lecturer @centralsaintmartins, creator of #cubetto, poster @opus, founder @primotoys, hardcore prototyper and occasional speaker. previously @primotoys@arduino
and @fablabtorino.
some of the products i designed received a few awards, including interaction design award, red dot design award and cannes lion.
i'm always looking for new exciting projects. interested?
How can we reduce cigarette consumption through empathy? This was the starting question behind Smokeless: a university project developed in 2013 at MAInD Lugano.

Smokeless is a service for smokers to track consumption and provide quitting support. It works with a Bluetooth connected lighter used to track every smoked cigarette. Inside the app daily and weekly consumption are visualized with focus on location, cash and quantity.
smokeless by Matteo Loglio
A key feature of the system is the virtual pet: a cute animal can be hosted inside the phone, whose environment is affected by the user smoking habit. it can also be shared with another smoker, where users also share responsibility.