i'm matteo loglio, an interaction designer based in london. i design playful products and experiences, experimental interfaces and award-winning toys.
currently partner at @oio.
previously at @google creative lab, lecturer @centralsaintmartins, creator of #cubetto, poster @opus, founder @primotoys, hardcore prototyper and occasional speaker. previously @primotoys@arduino
and @fablabtorino.
some of the products i designed received a few awards, including interaction design award, red dot design award and cannes lion.
i'm always looking for new exciting projects. interested?
A workshop for interaction design students about designing and prototyping interfaces that learn, using machine learning algorithms.
Organized with Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, and Serena Cangiano, the workshop was part of the Master of Advanced studies in Interaction Design, that takes place in Lugano every year.
The goal of the course was to design and prototype a physical product from one of the building blocks of interaction design: the switch.
During the workshop we wanted to glorify the switch: what if it was intelligent? What if a switch could learn? What if a switch could teach us something? What if a switch doesn’t want to switch anymore?
The workshop was also presented at the education summit during the Interaction 18 conference in Lyon. More information can be foud in this article.