i'm matteo loglio, an interaction designer based in london. i design playful products and experiences, experimental interfaces and award-winning toys.
currently partner at @oio.
previously at @google creative lab, lecturer @centralsaintmartins, creator of #cubetto, poster @opus, founder @primotoys, hardcore prototyper and occasional speaker. previously @primotoys@arduino
and @fablabtorino.
some of the products i designed received a few awards, including interaction design award, red dot design award and cannes lion.
i'm always looking for new exciting projects. interested?
Basic Play is a workshop for graphic design students, exploring basic design applications for children. Organized in collaboration with Lorenzo Bravi, the workhsop took place at ISIA Urbino in spring 2017.
The final projects of the students can be seen here.
In 1974 Bruno Munari writes for Domus a short article titled "Proposta per una scuola di Design che comincia dall’asilo" ("Proposal for a Design school starting from kindergarten"), where he underlines the importance of introducing the idea of design since the early years.
We have all became producers of visual communication, and while literacy in schools is mainly focused on verbal language, there is still little focus on sensorial development and visual communication. This workshop tries to question these issues and understand how today, through the gaming activity and the use of new technologies, it is possible to stimulate and develop these skills from an early age.